Emma Oakley

Emma Oakley

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Emma Oakley is a 32 year old self-taught abstract artist born in1987 in Varberg, a seaside town on the westcoast of Sweden.

As long as she can remember she has always been a creative and free soul drawn to esthetics, details, form and colour. Her dream as a child to become a painter innately remains and she persues her passion with fervor and intention.
Emmas abstract paintings are created through sensory interpretations bridging the thoughts between what is known and how it is felt.
She always strives for balance in the imperfect and is drawn to the power of emotion that colours and shapes can create.
Her goddesses have emerged from the intimate complexity and depth of the divine feminine energy she believes all women can access. The goddesses she creates express the strength, resilience and beauty that arise from life's many challenges and humbling experiences. Through raw vulnerability and tenacity there is grace and the promise of self-awareness and unrestrained consciousness.
Emma believes that every human is an artist in their own way and allowing that creative spark to express itself is vital in creating the future world we wish to manifest.

Contemporaryartstation, Shibuya Tokyo Japan

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