Valentina Nadal

Valentina Nadal

Om mig

I am originally Russian, who spent many years in Finland and later in Sweden. Later on I desided to move to Barcelona for a sunny weather and the sea. But i still keep a special relationship to the best country in the world Sweden.

My first painting I made 10 years ago, it was an idea of my ex husband Gustav Nadal, a smart Swedish guy, to paint something together. We were living in Helsinki those days and wanted to do something different. That's how it all started. You can find this first painting in my Instagram artinmycolors, this is the very first post.

Then there was a big pause in my creativity due to several life events. Now finally I got another chance to paint again. I have posted some of my works here on this page, the rest you can find on my Instagram.

My inspiration and multiple online guidance

Medlem i konstnärsförening
I am by myself