Adriana Andersson

Adriana Andersson

Örsundbro    Född: 1983

I am a painter with a lot of graphic design experience which leads me to create compositions based on my sense of harmony and vibrance of colors. Although I do not design my paintings.

I start with a feeling in my heart leading me to a general vision of shapes, colors and vibrating energy, inspired by nature of myself and nature of the earth. I especially love to balance between landscape and abstract to express the harmony and energy I feel.

My paintings purpose is to send the possitive creative vibe and make the viewer feel uplifted, relaxed or intrigued however all those feelings schould lead to possitive experience bringing pleasure with observation.

I paint on canvas or digital devices, finding both full of possibilities for expression.

Graduated 2011 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Faculty of Graphic Arts

Kontakta Adriana Andersson

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